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Sangam Almirah - Powder Coated Almirah Manufacturing Company

Company Under PMGEP Govt. Of INDIA

Almirah Manufacturing Company Muzaffarpur

About Sangam Almirah

Sangam Almirah Private Limited is a quality and customer-oriented company with a global vision and reach.

 Sangam Almirah has developed strong technical capabilities and produces different types of almirah for various applications and has obtained quality systems certifications including ISO 9001:2015.
The journey of Sangam Almirah started from very modest beginnings with a relatively steel almirah manufacturing plant "Sangam Steel Furniture" Sangam Almirah growth has been sure and steady due to its strong focus on quality in manufacturing process and systems resulting in a satisfied and loyal customer base spread across every regional area. Sangam Almirah has marketing offices in Bihar, Jharkhand,Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Orrisa strategically placed to serve its customers in those respective parts of the areas. Sangam Almirah envisions itself as a regional player with a local presence and has constantly tried to locate its facilities nearer to its customer base.

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